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Illuminate the Path to Understanding Alzheimer's

Embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Alzheimer's with DAWN

Facing a future where millions may be affected by Alzheimer’s, our research seeks to understand, treat, and prevent the disease, focusing on underrepresented populations. With your support, we can explore genetic factors, develop potential treatments, and create a future where Alzheimer’s is a memory. Together, we can illuminate the path towards a future free of Alzheimer’s disease.

Genetic Insights

Exploring the Genetic Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease

Ethical Research

Ensuring Diverse and Ethical Research Practices

Community & Support

Building a Network for Affected Individuals and Families

Advancing Treatments

Developing and Enhancing Alzheimer’s Treatments

Navigating the Journey

Living with Alzheimer's

Living with Alzheimer's

Join a supportive network that understands your journey. Access resources, share experiences, and find strength in community.
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Caregiver Compass

Caregiver & Family

Caregiver & Family

Empowering caregivers with tools and support to provide compassionate care, while also ensuring their own well-being.
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Champions of Change

Research Advocates

Research Advocates

Drive progress in Alzheimer's research by advocating, donating, or volunteering. Your involvement brings us closer to a cure.
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Unveiling the Numbers: Alzheimer's Impact & DAWN's Reach

1 mil
Americans are living with Alzheimer's Disease in the USA.
1 x higher
The likelihood of African Americans to develop Alzheimer's compared to whites.
1 x higher
The likelihood of Hispanics to develop Alzheimer's compared to whites.
1 th leading
Cause of death in the United States is Alzheimer's disease.

Help Forget Alzheimer's

How you can help.

Give a future full
of choices

Alzheimer’s disease is a global challenge with profound impacts on individuals, families, and communities. As we push the boundaries of science to understand and combat this condition, every action counts. At DAWN Alzheimer’s Research, we believe that together, we can make significant strides towards a world without Alzheimer’s. Here’s how you can join The Dawn Study in this critical mission:

Participate in Research

Be part of the solution by participating in vital research studies. Your involvement could unlock new discoveries. Join a Study and contribute to a future without Alzheimer’s.

Take Action

Advocate for change and spread awareness about Alzheimer’s. Your voice matters in shaping policies and perspectives. Get Involved and help lead the way to a brighter future.

What's coming up?

Current Events

Join us in our series of events aimed at advancing understanding, fostering community, and supporting those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Check out what’s coming up:

The Newsdesk

In the News

Stay informed with the latest news, research findings, and stories from DAWN Alzheimer’s Research. Explore our articles:

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